I’m Maria Juana Mathews.

I’m originally from Colombia but have lived abroad for the past 15 years between France, Spain, Venezuela, Hong Kong and Germany.


I’m a certified yoga teacher and in 2014 completed Mindful Birth specialist pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher training with Dr. Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa. I am also a certified Holistic Core Restore ® coach.


I am passionate about supporting other women throughout their journey into motherhood. My own journey started long before my first daughter Elena was born. I experienced infertility, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, breech delivery, post-partum depression, un-medicated VBAC, abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction…you name it! Motherhood has been very different from the romantic idea that I envisioned, but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. It has been a perfect ride precisely for all its imperfections. My children have sparked a deep personal transformation and help me connect with a part of me that I had forgotten.


I fell in love with the  transformative power of yoga, mindfulness and functional movement. It is my goal to create a space that brings together these elements to educate and help Mamas get back to their best version of themselves.