This is a unique, whole-woman, highly effective & movement progressed system that will take you on a journey of education, reconnection, optimal nutrition and THE RIGHT KIND OF EXERCISE to ensure that your pelvic floor and the rest of your core is fit to do its job when you need it most and is re-integrated to its rightful place at the heart of your precious body!

The evolution of pelvic floor & core fitness




Our foundation,

ground-breaking 6 or 12 week pelvic floor and core health program


Diastasis Healing

If you had a baby, no matter how long ago, this program will help you connect the dots between your breathing, posture, possible backpain and pelvic floor dysfunction



Exercise for fat loss that is also pelvic floor safe!  It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism

HCR-Fit to run.jpg

Fit to Run

This six week program is designed to give you THE BEST FOUNDATION for your new or already established running habit – literally from the ground up!