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Becoming a mother brings many changes in our bodies, our relationships, our roles, and our sense of self. Although these deep changes can be incredibly joyful and transformative, they can also leave us feeling disoriented, disconnected and longing for the woman who once was.


My goaL is to support new and veteran moms who want to reclaim their physical and mental strength by reconnecting with their bodies and learning new practices for healing and self-care. 


Fitness for future mothers


This class involves breathing and yoga postures for strength and relaxation, as well as deepening your connection with your baby. Health providers recommend yoga as a safe and gentle form of pregnancy exercise. From 8 weeks to 42 weeks.



In this popular class we combine soft yoga poses, pelvic-floor strengthening exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation. We pay special attention to the spine, core and pelvic area. Postnatal yoga means real me-time.



Holistic Core Restore® is a unique, whole-woman, highly effective & movement based suite of programmes that extend the continuum of traditional pelvic floor and core exercise way beyond Kegels, to ensure that your pelvic floor and the rest of your core is fit to do its job when you need it most and is again integrated to its rightful place at the heart of your precious body!

Pregnant belly


This workshop offers a refreshing and empowering perspective to enable you to make conscious and informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth. You will learn practical strategies to prepare your body and mind, and awaken your natural ability to give birth physiologically. 


 The focus is on body learning, with practice of active labor and birth positions, breathing, relaxation, comfort measures, coping skills and natural pain relief methods.


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